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2017 Litters

Mack x Jessie PuppiesWe will produce a few litters each year from our females bred to our own sires. We may occasionally use outside sires that are proven on wild birds. All matings will carefully match sires and dams, with the goal of producing offspring superior to their parents. We will continuously strive, as Bob Wehle would say, to "get all of the coons up the same tree." All of the dogs used in our breeding program have their DNA profile recorded by the American Field, have perfect bites, and are certified free of canine brucellosis.

Each of our puppies receives a thorough physical examination by our veterinarian at seven weeks of age. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy, and current on all vaccinations, at the time they leave the kennel. New owners are encouraged to have a puppy wellness exam conducted by their veterinarian within one week of taking delivery of their prospect, and to immediately notify us of any identified health issues. All puppies are guaranteed for two years to be free of genetic abnormalities that materially impact performance, including defects of the eyes, elbows, hips, spine and cardiovascular system. In the extremely unlikely event that any of these problems, or any other physical defects significantly compromising performance are identified, owners must so advise us immediately. Upon receipt of appropriate documentation of the condition, confirmation by our veterinarian(s), and verification that the affected dog has been spayed, neutered, or euthanized, we will replace the dog or refund the original purchase price, at our option.

It should be noted that Bob Wehle devoted 66 years to the development and enhancement of a pure gene pool, free of performance limiting genetic defects. As a result, there is virtually no incidence of such defects in dogs of exclusively Elhew parentage. Our health/soundness guarantees are, nevertheless, offered in good faith to reassure concerned buyers who may have experienced disappointment with other bloodlines or breeds.